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Eric Shackle Writes: Let Dr Fish Nibble Your Toenails

"How would you like to dangle your legs in a warm spa, and let shoals of small fish nibble your skin and toenails?'' asks ace journalist Eric Shackle.

These finny dermatologists, Garra Rufa, are called doctor fish or nibble fish. They are particularly helpful to people with psoriasis and dermatitis.

People in Turkey, China and Japan have indulged themselves in this way for many years, and now the practice is spreading to other countries, notably the UK, but also the US,South Africa and Singapore.

Wikipedia says "In a museum near the River Kwai, recording the privations of prison camps, a sketch drawn by a prisoner showed him up to his waist in water, but with small fish attending to his leg ulcers. There is widespread use of such fish in India, particularly in rural areas."

You can see the fish in action in this video:


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