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Open Features: Let Go Worry

Ellie Braun-Haley brings advice to the worried.

Every day brings work to tackle, stuff we need to take care of, paper work, housework, yard care - and there are people we need to take care of.

Sometimes our problems revolve around financial matters and sometimes they relate to our children or grandchildren.
Sometimes along with all the regular stresses of life we get hit with a worry that can be overwhelming and so tough we stop sleeping while we keep analyzing and examining that one single worry!

When that happens we have three choices:

1. Do all we can to handle the problem and leave the rest to God.

2. Do all we are able in relation to the problem, then ask friends to pray for us that this problem may be resolved and say a prayer ourselves.

3. Continue fretting and worrying.

Sometimes it is so difficult for us to let go of worry and say "God, I place this worry in thy lap. Please help me!" If we worry, there is nothing gained for us. And if we worry too much, the stress of it can and will harm our physical body. So, who wins if we worry too much? God wants to help us, just as we wish to help our children. Why are we too stubborn to ask, or why do we forget to ask? Personally, I am trying to figure out some answers to my problems and I am waiting on God, our Heavenly Father, for some help with these problems!


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