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Donkin's World: Eggpocalypse Now

Enthusiastic dad Richard Donkin introduces us to a brilliant new game designed by his sons John and Rob.

Lock up your chicks. Today is the day the bad eggs roll in to town. http://www.badeggsonline.com/ Bad Eggs is the new multi-player game from the two eldest Donkin boys, John and Rob, and they have high hopes for its success. If you or your children are interested sign up to the beta version and be the first to try it out. Yes, it's free to play! http://www.badeggsonline.com/

Unlike their previous games, this one has its own web site and its own forum where yours truly is already posting. I don't expect to be able to stimulate too much intellectual discussion in a market over-populated by monosyllabic youths who seem to communicate in grunts and abuse. You will have seen the sort of thing if you visit YouTube.

But I'm game to try and encourage a bit of fun input on egg words, that sort of thing. http://www.badeggsonline.com/forum/#/20110912/lexicon-of-egg-terms-859619/ I've noticed that John and Rob have given themselves their own eggdentities but they haven't given me one yet so I have to settle for Dadegg with my very own Bee avatar.

If you're a regular online games player you don't need me to tell you what this is all about. But I know that people with lives also read this blog. In case you may have just a modicum of interest in games of skill and judgement, let me explain that this multi-player game allows between two and six people to be playing each other online at any one time. The idea is taking turns to blast your opponents from the game, thereby earning various awards, treats, extra weapons, that kind of thing.

The best way to learn it is to play it. I can confirm it's a lot of fun as it also allows you to interact with other players through a chat function. John has been busy making scores of egg characters these past few weeks, plus the graphics, while Rob has been concentrating on the coding.

I'm biased as I'm their dad but I'm also one of their strongest critics and I can tell you this game is brilliant and it can be enjoyed by young and old alike. It's also one of those games that allow people to build their skills. Enough enthusing; take a look for yourself. Any constructive feedback in this pre-launch phase is welcome.


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