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Poetry Pleases: Has Technology Taken Over?

Hazel Dracup recalls the time when imagination served to keep a child entertained.

What would I do on a rainy day? Id ask myself as a child,
When the rain was pattering on the window and outside was stormy and wild,
Having no siblings to play with Id often go up to my room,
And let my imagination run riot so that for me it wasnt all gloom.

Id imagine my bed was a sailing ship as it travelled to lands afar,
Or pretend an old tennis racquet was really in fact a guitar,
Sometimes Id get out my dollies and arrange them all in a row,
And talk to them as a teacher if they misbehaved Id surely know.

Nowadays kids have DSs, televisions, computers and games,
They play with them in all weathers and want all the latest brand names,
The joys of my childhood are gone, kids these days dont want to pretend,
Texting today is so popular, just text a message then press send.

I learnt to respect my elders and had to learn to obey,
Now things are so different seems to have gone the other way,
As I delve into my past, in itself not an easy task,
Has technology taken over is a question I now ask!





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