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Poetry Pleases: Lakeland

Hazel Dracup brings us a happy holiday poem.

 Wordsworth wrote of daffodils that bloom within the spring,
I love the hills and mountains and the changes that they bring,
With rain and clouds descending they disappear from view,
When fine they stand majestic and can be seen anew.

Im not much of a walker I dont explore the fells,
I prefer to admire the scenery from within the dells,
I love to walk by water wherever that may be,
Here it is by the lakes rather than the sea.

One cannot change the weather that fact is quite true,
But at least one can vary and select the things to do,
Mostly its been pleasant but sometimes heavy rain,
In all the time weve spent there it truly is our gain.

Off we go on holiday for a few days break each year,
Staying in a place called Ambleside near Lake Windermere,
Each visit brings the wonder of places weve not seen,
One is blessed when near them, you sure know what I mean.


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