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Poetry Pleases: Memories Of Long Ago

Hazel Dracup thinks back to days long gone.

I am imagining the beaches with children playing there,
With their mums and dads and friends with which they share,
Making sand-castles with moats filled from the sea,
Eating ice-cream - thatís what comes back to me.

Or having fun in the snow when all around was white,
Throwing snowballs all around and creating a snowy sight
Of a snowman in the garden with a carrot for its nose,
As standing there it blended in as everything just froze.

Reminiscing over past years seems to happen quite a lot;
What I did, where I went: Is there anything Iíve forgot?
Remembering my schooldays, the friends I had back then
Where are they now is a question asked as I remember when.

As I continue to grow older the memories linger on,
They cheer me and inspire me when my confidence seems gone,
They are an essential part of me that nothing can take away,
As long as I am on this earth they will ever with me stay.





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