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Poetry Pleases: Then

This wonderful poem by Joyce Worsfold gives some of the best advice on how to live a life that your are ever likely to receive.

Then, you will do it, on that elusive ‘one day’
Then, you will finally learn how to play
Then, you will make those pots from clay
Then, you will travel to Bali and Bombay.
Now, is just ‘getting ready time’.
Then, you will travel the world and see all it’s glories
Then, you will read and paint and run
Then, you will have time for writing stories
Then, you’ll drink wine and relax in the sun.

Then, you will do it, when you’re retired
Then, you’ll be calm and relaxed, not tired
Then, you won’t stick in the mud and be mired
Then, your imagination will be free and be fired
Now is a working, working, working time.
Then, you’ll spend hours just pottering about the place
Then, you’ll have time to take things at a slower pace.
Then, you won’t have to hurry and rush and race
Then, you can lie in late without disgrace!

Then, you’ll cram in every joy that can be
Then, you will spend time with friends and family
Then, you will listen and share times of quality
Then, life will be fine, just as you want it to be.
Now you are too busy for all that!
Then, you might not be physically able
Then, some loved ones will have left the table
Then, you might live in some kind of Babel
Then, might just be a fairytale fable.

Now, is the time to grasp with all your might
Now, today we can plan it all right
Now, is the party, now time to write,
Now time to savour each wonderful bite.
You can fill every precious minute
Yours is the world and everything in it
So take courage, have faith now and ‘go for it’
So make love your reason, embrace all that you love
I’m just here to ‘give you a shove’.


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