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Useful And Fantastic: Museum Of The Future

Val Yule suggests a travelling mueum to feature our possible futures.

Would it make people think, if we had a Museum of the Future?

It could be in the form of a travelling exhibition, and also feature in the internet.

Imagine the diaromas, contributed by people with very different ideas of the future:
• The scientific nerd, with space export of people to distant stars, climatologists doing amazing things without dreadful results, food grown without anything to grow it with, genetically modified human beings…
• The capitalist dream
• The Marxist dream
• The pessimists’ nightmares – a different diorama for each of them –
Climate change, the ultimate war, the overpopulated planet, Back to the Stone Age, etc.

Responses could vary from determination not to let children face these futures, to morbid fascination with the horrors..

• There could be a diarama of what we have now, and what our children will not have, such as animals and flora which will become extinct, , tropical and temperate forests, newspapers, big cars, aeroplane flights for tourists, suburban gardens, books, etc.. .


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