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Poetry Pleases: The Forest Of Vision

"The ground here is rich with fallen dreams,'' writes poet Caroline Glyn.

The ground here is rich with fallen dreams.
Take up a handful of soil,
sift it through, and see
the bright films of their skeletons, pressed to nothing.

But the earth is charged with them,
and the trees
are all dreams of power, rising alive
with the thrust of sap, the purpose and drive
of self-revealing vision;
the never-seen raised up in the strength of form,
blazing into life as the manifest,
glorying to be known,
its secret shown;
willing to incarnation, bursting seed
and bud in the glad upsurging of its need;
breaking forth
into branched and multiplying truth
and with truth's urgency,
soaring to the spread of mighty trees.
Stronger far than the containing earth
is vision coming to birth.


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