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Poetry Pleases: Making A Journey

Hazel Dracup brings us another poem.

When I embark on a journey whether the location be far or near.
The question is how shall I get there will it be of interest or drear?
By whatever mode I travel a big difference I'll find it makes,
To the whole of the journey and the total time it takes.

When I was at boarding school I would travel home by train,
And then after the holidays I would return there once again,
I remember going to Cornwall via the winding country roads,
Before the advent of motorways and those heavier wagon loads.

Going overseas I've travelled to places via the air,
Though some prefer the water takes longer to get there,
As I often would get seasick - an option for me it's not,
What can I do about airports the answer is not a lot!

A journey can be varied depending on what time I have to spare,
For taking in places I want to see whether here or there,
My companions can make the journey interesting and worthwhile,
I can talk about it afterwards and perhaps raise a smile.

Some journeys are routine the same thing every day,
Others are full of mystery giving pleasure along the way,
Although there are several ways to get from A to B,
There are things I can spot on each journey if only I would notice and see.


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