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Useful And Fantastic: Matriotism

Val Yule's poem emnphasises the dangers of patriotism.

This is my country - rolling hills and green leas,
My country, interlaced with the deep seas.
I would live and die for my land of the tall trees,
And this land that I love, that spreads white and far.
Oh earth, the lands that I love, how beautiful you are.

This is my country, barren and grand,
Here are my red skies over redder sand,
And the canyons drop away from the great plain,
Where the land I love lies deep in the yellow grain.

This is my country with the music of the gamelan,
The rain forest and the island reef where the singing began.
Drums repeat my steppes far away
And by a northern marsh the echo, and the reed pipes play.

For these great cities I would fight,
For these lands that are my own birth-right,
For these peoples, this earth,
this world, irreplaceable and dear
What bombs may yet fall on you,
Spreading the death we fear.


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