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Open Features: My Santa

Colin Fisher tells a Christmas tale.

Jaycee loved Christmas. He was a little boy who loved all things Christmassy. You can imagine his joy when his mother offered to take him to a department store, at Christmas time, to visit with Santa Claus.

When Jaycee got to the store, he and his mother were required to wait in a long line of others before they could have their private visit with the great man. Finally, they got to the head of the line and Jaycee could see Santa in a small room, through a parted curtain. When he got in to see Santa, he jumped up on the offered lap and looked longingly into Santa's eyes. At the same time, he was aware of a familiar odour that seemed to emanate from Santa's face. It was the same odour that was on his dad's breath after he had been drinking whiskey.

Jaycee immediately became suspicious. All he could then think of was that this Santa was really his dad in disguise. He suddenly became as sly as a serpent and bantered with Santa about the gifts that he wished to receive on Christmas Day. It all went very well and Jaycee and his mom returned home.

Jaycee began to spend much of his free time alone. He did this so much that his parents began to worry about him. What was he doing? Why, he was sitting in his room thinking about what the older boys in school had told him. They had told him that there was no real Santa Claus and that all of the presents on Christmas Day really came from his parents. It was very difficult for Jaycee to swallow this story. He most wanted to believe in the existence and activities of that person he had always loved, Santa Claus. These thoughts continued along with Jaycee's reclusiveness. His parents began to take him out of the house to see such things as large, public Christmas trees and the local houses that were decorated with all kinds of lights and Christmas symbols. This scenario played and re-played right up to the Great Day.

Jaycee's parents' concern for his welfare was beginning to wear a little thin. Jaycee just wished to be left alone to his thoughts and not be propagandized by his parents. This served only to heighten his parents' concern for his welfare.

Finally, it was Christmas Eve. Jaycee retired to his room early, telling his parents that he 'wished to be rested on Christmas Day.' He went to his bed early in the evening; but, did not sleep well. He awakened frequently. He was still concerned that his view of the existence of Santa Claus might not be reality. Late in the night Jaycee was awakened by a faint sound that seemed to come from the living room that contained the Christmas Tree. 'Ha,' he said to himself, 'I bet that is Santa Claus, or maybe even Dad, bringing my presents.' Jaycee got out of bed and quietly went downstairs to the living room. He peered around the corner and saw a red-clad figure with a white beard and hair opening a package containing an electric train and then placing it under the Christmas Tree. Jaycee ran forward and hugged the figure around the knees, saying 'Thank you, Dad, you knew exactly what I wanted for Christmas.' Jaycee suddenly found that those knees dissolved and that he was falling forward on to the floor. Just before he hit the floor, he heard the faint sound of sleigh bells.

Colin Fisher


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