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Open Features: The Craziest Thing Happened To Me

"The Highveld in South Africa is particularly vulnerable to electrical storms. One such storm happened this week. A violent wind blew up, followed by pelting rain. A swirling and circulating electrical storm cell rolled across the landscape. I watched the lightening, zapping from cloud to cloud, illuminating the sky.

"Suddenly, a massive bolt of lightening struck!'' writes Marianne Hall.

Something had been hit, that I knew. I waited for the storm to abate, then turned on the television set. Nothing happened! Then went next door to the master bedroom and tried that set – also nothing! I checked the Ellies Dual View TV link – that showed a red light.

The warranties on both TV sets had expired. To have them repaired would have been very costly, and in view of the pending changes from analogue to digital in the near future, I decided to buy another set. With only a meagre balance in my bank account could only afford one set, which I decided to place in the master bedroom.

This was duly installed and working!! However, I decided to move it to the smaller bedroom, so disattached the old set, placed it on the adjacent chest of drawers, and re-installed the new TV set.

When I switched it on much to my disappointment I found that it was “snowing”. A brain haemorrhage during 2003 has left me with epilepsy, so I knew that watching these rapid movements would only bring on a fit! So I switched off the TV.

What now?

My mind went into overdrive. I looked at the original TV. Perhaps it was still working?

So I lugged it next door and put in the plug and the aerial. My finger went hopefully to the switch.


Disappointed, I went next door. In passing, I switched on the new TV. Much to my surprise a clear screen came up.

The programme “Law and Order” was showing. I settled into bed, looking forward to enjoying a full evening’s entertainment.
Suddenly, there was a loud crash – sounded like glass breaking!

Damnation! Someone was trying to break into the house. Thoroughly annoyed, I jumped out of bed, switched off the TV, ran to the window, drew aside the curtains, opened the window, and shouted:


There was no one in the back yard. I poked my head through the window, all the windows seemed intact. It must be the front, I thought. I unlocked the master bedroom door, switched on the light, and looked behind the curtains. There was no sign of broken glass. I made a thorough check of the rest of the house, but could find nothing broken.

I then decided to phone the police.

They arrived within 5 minutes, I met them at the gate. As I said “all my windows are intact” I suddenly remembered that there were two windows at the back of the flatlet which were not visible from the house. So I asked them to accompany me to check. I went haring up the driveway with the two policemen in my wake carrying automatic rifles. Again nothing. Looked over the wall to check the neighbors’ windows. Everything looked peaceful.

“I DEFINITELY heard glass breaking,” I said to the policemen. “Must be one of the neighbours.”

The police waited until I was safely inside, then moved slowly down the road. I switched off all the lights, then decided to make a cup of Milo.

“WHAT THE HELL……………..?”

Next to the kettle lay an ornamental plate. Beside that lay a wire which I had stuck to it with superglue. The plate had obviously fallen off the wall on to the stone top. I reached for it and banged the edge of it on to the top – it sounded like BREAKING GLASS!

I turned the plate over. “Pontesa – made in Spain”. A local product would have smashed into a thousand smithereens!

The Police are probably still waiting for a report to come in for a burglary!

Marianne Hall©2011


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