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A Fistful Of Stars: Dreamless State

...If dreams are naught would you be you?...

Poet Hariharan Balakrishnan asks a pertinent question which may leave you pondering for many a day.

I had a friend called Jeevan Jay
In college days of work and play
He told me something strange one day
And Jeevan Jay would never lie

"I never saw a single dream
In this life of twenty years"
Is what he told earnest in tone
And Jeevan Jay I do believe

I did not know then what to say
But sure I am of what he said
Do you pity a dreamless man
Or envy a blessed soul?

I could not understand a man
Who saw not even a single dream
Or visions in his slumbered wake
His mind's eye never on Eternal screen

I still get my lifelong dream
Of floating, flying - far and high
Above the street, beyond the wires
Of electric tension, telephone lines

If all of us were Jeevan Jays
If Gandhi had not dreamt his dream
If Early Man didn't dream the wheel
If dreams are nought, would you be you

Or, would I be I?


If you wish to purchase a copy of Hariharan's wonderful book of poems please contact him by clicking on fabalas02@gmail.comAll profits from the book will be donated to the cause of educating and improving the welfare of children.


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