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Donkin's World: Fallow Deer In Petworth Park

Richard Donkin has been bitten by the photography bug.

Three days in to the new year I'm trying to get down to work again but I can't shake of this photography bug. I've always enjoyed taking photographs but the commitment to take one a day and post it here on Blipfoto is in danger of taking over my life. It's a great community quite unlike some of those nit-picking photography clubs or sites where members critique their images on the finer points that most people never notice.

Coming from a journalistic background I understand that the most important thing of any image is to be there with a camera to take it. After that it's a question of framing it and hopefully getting it in focus and exposed reasonably well. It's amazing how many people struggle to do even that. But no matter how amateurish your attempt, no-one on Blipfoto is going to make you feel small. I love the place and the daily commitment is improving my photography all the time. The problem then is that of become ever more demanding of myself.

But that was the same with writing. Mind, I don't try to write clever prose any more, just string the words together and move on. I'm trying not get so steamed up, as only the media can, about all the news out there. I used to want to change the world. Now I just let those who feel that way, get on with it.

Anyway, while Blipfoto will get one image a day I've decided to post my favourite image among those I've taken of each month here. The one above is a favourite from December: Fallow deer in Petworth Park.



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