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Poetry Pleases: The Beast In Us

Marianne Hall's poem is a sharp reminder of our primeval origins.

We were regurgitated and spewed
from the bowels of the earth,
bubbling, boiling, mud.
Lashing tails, scaly bodies,
bloodshot eyes.

We dried out, settled,
consummated, multiplied.
our tails redundant.
We trod the earth with webless feet.

We roamed, we flew, and then,
we disappeared.

Out of the void our ancestors came,
wild and hairy,
with mighty teeth and roar.

The brain a microcosm, energy
expanded, tentacled out,
spreading like plasm,
Bringing resurrection of thought
and deed.

Yet the sliminess,
the wildness and baseness

Encroached in the subconscious.
Repressed, primeval,
and forever emergent.


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