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A Shout From The Attic: The Esmé Years - 2

Ronnie Bray tells of falling deeply in love.

Bournemouth And Romance

I met Esmé Rosemary Beatrice Aubrey when I was serving my proselyting mission in Bournemouth. She was a pretty and personable girl and seemed to like me. We kind of fell in love, me deeply and she, well, I am still not sure. It is always easy to be wiser after the event and looking back I do remember some of the things she said that now make me think she was not so much coming to me as getting away from home, particularly away from her father, Herbert Aubrey.

At my request, district president Sherman A Johannson transferred me from Southampton to work in Bournemouth with Elder Hone, a missionary from Pleasant Grove, Utah. Elder Hone had previously found large properties for the Church to buy and convert into chapels to cope with the Church’s growing need for branch accommodation.

I got on board the train at Southampton and joined Elder Hone who had come from somewhere further east on the Southern Railway. We settled down to our introductions, and then he said, “I don’t know about you, but I’m going to take some time for Hone.” Despite his saying that, we seemed initially always to be on the move, although we spent more time looking at property than proselyting. I found him a little stiff and distant, and no doubt he found me unfinished and, perhaps, too informal.

However, the time came when he slowed down on all fronts and I found that somewhat disconcerting. I had also met Esmé and found her disconcerting too, so I telephoned Sherman Johannson, the missionary district president, and asked to be moved. I was moved to Bristol.


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