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Useful And Fantastic: The Fiery Moon

Val Yule presents a doom-filled poem.


A fiery moon surprises
Her face is rent with tears
The opposite horizon
Is spread with scarlet spears.

The sun will plummet downwards
But fire still stokes the sky
To celebrate destruction
White rockets wheel and die.

So far, her lonely spinning,
So near, her piteous freeze,
Earth’s former chunk of ruin,
Flung from her deepest seas.

I flew my kite, part hoping
To pull her off her shelf,
She floated to the ocean
Like a mirror of herself.

Her image still sails skyward
Tied, as the tides pull free,
It would leave us unattended,
But the moon now lives with me.


Anger rips the world,
The old Promethean fire
Is sunken as earth’s secrets
Make other smoke rise higher.

Before a lunar landscape
That lunatics will make
That fiery moon is cold now
Her very rocks will break.


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