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A Fistful Of Stars: The Toothless Beggar

A chance encounter with a laughing toothless beggar compels poet Hariharan Balakrishnan to consider the meaning of life.

The toothless beggar laughed aloud
I stopped and stared in wonder
There he was, happy laughing
And here was I, who forgot to smile

I preened and looked, but could not see
How and why he laughed at all
Empty bowl in front of him
A happy laughing man he was

He knew not where his meal would come
If it ever would come at all
And here I was with all my wealth
Who knew not what to do with it

I gazed and gazed, and gazed afar
I looked back at all my world behind
I could not fathom that toothless face
I failed to see his mirth within

"Is it what I missed in life?
Is this what he gained from it?
Where is he and where am I?
In the realm of today- now?"

Deep within as I groped
For the reason for his joy
The toothless beggar saw me grope
And laughed aloud at me


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