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A Fistful Of Stars: Silence

Hariharan Balakrishnan's poem challenges the reader to consider the lives of those who stand alone beyond the crowd.

He came to this world a lonely child
Dropped on earth by hands so kind
He opened his eyes but did not smile
Wrinkled his brow and went to sleep
Yes, he was a lonely child
He woke awhile and turned around
Swam a little, bathed a lot
In water, oil and bright sunshine
He learnt to laugh - also to weep
For he was a lonely child
Childhood passed in thought and wonder
In teens he feared no lightning thunder
Across the twenties he strode along
'Ahead, above, beyond' - his song
Yet, he was a lonely soul
Teens and twenties he left behind,
Into the thirties he swept along
Then fretful forties, frenetic fifties
Like silent lightning passed him by
A lonely man in a crowded street
He stretched his feet in a crowded train
Conductor came, smiled and asked
"Why do you travel in this train of life?
Without sanction, without ticket?"

He stepped out, away - beyond the crowd


If you wish to purchase a copy of Hariharan's wonderful book of poems please contact him by clicking on fabalas02@gmail.comAll profits from the book will be donated to the cause of educating and improving the welfare of children.


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