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Useful And Fantastic: Clutter

Val Yule longs for rooms as bare as a haiku.

What comes in the front door goes out the back
Virtue for the household’s not to hoard
No remnants kept of rack.

Let me have things about me not thrown out!
Reminding things are made by hands, spent from the earth,
You can’t take any with you, that is sure,
Nor likely leave behind.

But when they ask, “Do you have a widget, a grommet, a poem by..?
yes, I have.
These old signifiers, tools, curiosities, taking up space
Papers in piles, things for re-use, jars, books, ancient dolls . .
What do you worship? This clutter? A bare shelf?
Oh, what a busy house, clutter of work, clutter of minds.
The world with us, noise, phones, computers, people, cars day and night, problems, fights..

And within the cluttered home for the body
A small space for the soul
but light and a straw mat.


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