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Useful And Fantastic: Make The Best Of Yourself

Val Yule suggests ideas to help you make the best use of your life.

Things you can do for No Waste of yourself include—no waste of your health, no waste of your value to other people, no waste of chances to enjoy the loveliness in the world or chances to turn your handicaps into assets—all that stuff.

Here’s about No Waste of sleepless nights or boring meetings or waiting anytime, anywhere. Keep the brain exercised!

Play the Wishing Game.

You can also play this as a group together. And when you need to solve a problem.

1. Think of something that needs fixing. Like being bored, or losing pens, or making public transport pay.

2. Then think of ideas to solve the problem. You can include magic wishes.

3. Then think of what could go wrong so it wouldn’t work. For example, you thought of something super for a playground. Why wouldn’t it work? Because of vandals.

4. So the next step of the game is—How to get everyone keen on not stealing or smashing the equipment. So you have more exercise for your brain on that one.

5. Then you can try to do something about it.

As the poet TS Eliot has said:

‘Between the idea and the action falls the shadow’.

People have thousands of ideas daily—but they don’t do anything about the ideas, or they try, but give up when other people aren't interested. All that some people can think of is to rubbish other people's ideas.

Another problem for the Wishing Game.

In Notes and Queries, the Guardian Weekly, 25 May 2008 –

Q. ‘I need medical treatment that will involve standing still with my eyes closed. How can I occupy my mind?’

An answer could be: Solve the problems of the world humanely. Use magic if you like. In fact, you will need to.

What, do you think, are the dozen most needed inventions for our survival?

Far-off and still imaginary inventions could be included, mixed in with what someone could invent tomorrow, or today, or maybe is working on as we read. So many everyday inventions today would have been magic even one hundred years ago.

What Jules Verne imagined, others have since invented. So on the principle that invention follows imagination, here is a list of inventions that are needed, that still need the technology worked out.

FOOD. An invention that short-cuts the food chain. Put rocks into a little machine and out comes sausages or what you like.

WAR. Reverse weaponry. Press a button and weapons explode when people try to use them. Or fizzle, now I come to think of it. A dangerous invention, unless it can exclude situations when weapons and explosives are socially useful.

CARBON. A cheap easy way to produce pure carbon from carbon dioxide and carbon emissions in a form that can be used for fuel.

TRUTH. Truth ink automatically prints the truth in black, lies in red and purple if nobody knows. Interesting consequences?

Sewerage improvement diverts human liquid sewage at source for fertilizer, without requiring plentiful water to flush down toilets, while the disease-carrying biosolids are flushed into the main sewer.

Personal climate: The temperature you want for 5 cm all around you, controlled by a button. Space heating and air conditioning are unnecessary.

Diagnosis by smell. Some doctors can use their sense of smell to help diagnose disease and health. Develop a smell-scanning machine that can do this too.

ALCOHOLISM. Vomiting, morning-afters and health dangers do not deter many people from dangerous excess. So a contagious ‘plus-ease’ (the opposite of a dis-ease) infection causes fast drinking of alcohol to set off hiccups or something similar. Drinking slowly is then found more enjoyable, and less can be drunk.

A HISTORY CAMERA can make films of any past time. Very interesting!—solving theological problems or making them worse, and solving crimes. A camera to survey the present could prevent crimes, but invasion of privacy would be too great.

Alternative pleasures to gambling and other ways to self-harm.

POPULATION. Another plus-ease epidemic affects libido, so people’s greatest desire is for affection not sex. This has enormous consequences for relationships and it stabilises population, since sex is only desired as the consummation of a loving relationship. Shocked?

A danger barometer that signals when climate engineers, bio-engineers, politicians etc initiate any grand untested scheme with unforeseen and possibly disastrous consequences. This danger barometer may be needed for all new inventions.

THE MIDDLE EAST – More inventions are needed.

For still more Inventions that are needed, see:-

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