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Donkin's World: Ninja Bear And Purple Teddy

"Two new games from the brothers Donkin: the first is based on the idea that children need some protection at night from the monsters under the bed. How do they get it? Attentive parents? No, parents are poor at defeating monsters. For a start, they've forgotten they exist,'' writes Richard Donkin.

Those little kids need weapons-grade defences and who better to provide that than Ninja Bear and Purple Teddy? Child's play you think? Think again. Then think some more because this game will test your best efforts at lateral thinking. http://www.johndonkin.com/games/ninja-bear/

For sure, children will enjoy it, but adults will find this testing too. the boys have included a whole set of different variables, introduced gradually until you get the hang of it before the real testing stuff begins. I love this game. John did the graphics, Rob the code and George had a role too doing the voice-overs. There's a fun theme tune too.

The second game will be familiar to any of you who have encountered Hambo. http://www.robdonkin.com/hambo/ The new one is Hambo2: Hamtouchables featuring Hambo taking on gangsters. http://www.robdonkin.com/hambo-2/ One of my favourite features is the credits page presented like that of a feature film. Rob did this one with RoboJam, his collaborator on many of his earlier games.

The games seem to going well just now for the boys although standards are climbing all the time and the market is growing increasingly sophisticated. Their multi-player game, Bad Eggs Online is still going well and they have just released a weapons pack upgrade which has brought yet more players to the site. http://www.badeggsonline.com/

I have to keep off these games mosty of the time because they can be addictive but they have great play value and those games with a puzzle bent really stretch your problem-solving capacity.

The world of Flash Gaming is still not well known among those over a certain age and that's a pity because the best of it knocks the boring Nintendo brain training in to a cocked hat. The people who really need to wake up to the possibilities for marketing and site-promotion, using these games, are those running much of the corporate sector. Typically the response I get is: "Oh yes, Angry Birds, I've got that on my iPhone, play it in the loo at work."

But my biggest gripe is with Apple. I'll never warm to the iPad until it recognises Adobe Flash. It's not just games I can't play. I'm also denied the facility to watch many news clips such as those on the BBC website. This is all part of that damnable corporate winner-takes-all mentality. The world has changed. Whatever happened to the concept of symbiosis? If it works for clown fish and coral it should work for Apple too.


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