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Arkell's Ark: Alas, Poor Alice

Ian Arkell tells the rhyming tale of alas whose talent became superfluous.

Lord Lister’s younger sister
was known to be a twister
seducing men, beguiling boys,
the scourge of stately homes

with skirts raised more oft than not
and temperament termed somewhat hot
she ruffled wifely feathers
on more than one estate

egalitarian was Alice
without a trace of malice
helping grooms and staff alike
through periods of stress

in later life
and tired of strife
she settled down in Leicester
with Lord Robert Alfred Nestor

but the ancient name of Nestor
In that southern part of Leicester
was spoken of in whispers
with caution exercised

there were rumours quite salacious
of his preference for sailors,
winsome lads without a care
and field hands somewhat coarse

so spare a thought for Alice
who though loveless
bore no malice
but sadly spent her last few years
reminiscing in her palace.


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