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Useful And Fantastic: Beyond Tigers

Val Yule brings a powerful protest against those who make evil weapons of war.

Napalm, napalm burning bright
In the forests of the night
How can mortal hand or eye
Dare frame this fearful way to die?

What the factory, what the frame,
In what enterprise thy name?
What the profits that were sought,
Named in the company's report?

What workman dare to take his part
To pour that poison in your heart?
By whom the formula complete?
Whose the carrier, whose the fleet?

On what distant mouths or eyes
Burns this outrage from the skies?
Whose the hands that dare desire
To touch that key and drop that fire?

Stars throw down their lightning spears
to quench those deserts with new tears.

Now does He smile when this He sees,
That what He made,
should now make these?


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