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Laugh With Lisa: Eloped

Lisa DeMarco's gag tells of a note with a good-bad message in its tail.

A father comes home from work and looks around the house for his 17-year old son, Timmy. He enters Timmyís room to find a note on his desk that was neatly folded with DAD written on it. He reads the note.

Dear Dad,

Iím sorry that you and Mom donít like my new girlfriend. I know she might seem odd with all her piercings and tattoos, and I know it upsets you that she is 10-years older than me and has children already. Plus the fact that all of her babiesí-daddies are in jail and sheís on welfare, but I really LOVE her. We decided we were going to elope, this way maybe you and Mom could ease into the idea, and by the time we return youíll feel better about the whole thing. I really do love you both, but you know I have to live my own life. Donít worry, I can always get my GED and attend college later.

Wish me best. See you soon.
Love Timmy

p.s. Iím just kidding. Iím across the street at Bobbyís house. By the way, I failed my history test today.


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