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Useful And Fantastic: Family Connections And Religions

People on the whole believe what their family belive says Val Yule.

Differences between religions are seen as differences in theology and religious practices. People of different faiths come to argue about these differences and similarities in order to reach some unity, or to emphasise their own singularity.

However, the basic difference between them is not discussed. That is, people on the whole believe what their family believes. Then their arguments are to support what they have been taught. Even humanists and atheists are part of this. And in discussing religion they forget this. It would be a great advance in thinking if we constantly recollected it.

It would make a great difference in the world’s thinking and clarify conflicts if a person’s religion was stated in terms of his family. If he held the religion of his family, then he would be called Family-Christian, Family-Muslin, Family-Buddhist, Family-Agnostic, Family-Atheist or whatever. If he had converted to some other religion or none, he would be called Convert-Christian, Convert-Humanist, or Convert-Muslim, or whatever. Children at school would of course be called Family-(whatever) and not treated as tho they had thought things out themselves.

Often the Family Religion is that of the nation also, or a religion derives its status or qualities from national pride.

Top dogs like to be top dog in religion too, and satraps follow suit. National religions include British Israelite (beards and more like lost ten tribes than Mormon pairs in suits). If US had not trumped Brits as top dog, the world might now be taking to British Israelites rather than Mormons proselytising across the world. Nazis invented their own semi-Wagnerian Aryan religion which they dated way way back. Romans liked to have deep classical roots too, c.f Virgil's Aeneid, which linked them with Homer's Troy.

And of course the C of E is deeply a part of the English nation, and Judaism part of the Jewish people. Islam is spreading partly as anti-Americanism.

Think about it.


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