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A Fistful Of Stars: Dancing Diamonds

A sweltering summer's eve brings to Hariharan Balakrishnan a suggestion, a fleeting glimpse, of the greatest of all lights.

This sweltering summer evening
With none else in this home
I kept open the bathroom door
A tribute to degree fortythree
I put off the lights- one by one
And left the window ajar
To let the breeze in through the door
A salute to summer heat
I opened the shower to let the spray
Cascade down my bending back
To cool the back that's tired and stiff
After a day of withering rote
I let the hair go wet and soggy
Cooling the pate, and matters within
To face the shower full and straight
And swelled my chest to take the jets
Then I opened my mouth in wonder
As I saw some sparkling diamonds
Dancing, up and down my chest
Bouncing glitter in rainbow hues
Oh my God, if this you can show
In a pencil of light from far afar
How can I face the radiant Light
When you open Your door for me?
For diamonds rubies I do not care
All I have is for others to share
I crave for just a glimpse of Light
For peace and rest in that after-life


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