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A Fistful Of Stars: Tomorrow, Just Another Day

Hariharan Balakirshnan's poem expresses a detrmined optimism in facing up to another day.

Tomorrow is just another day
A threshold to cross, a milepost to pass
A spring in the step a song on the lip
Bright in the head and light in the heart
I shall breeze past, strong and strident

I went to the barber late in the day
Asked him to prune the sides of my mane
And then I told him, “the pate you crop”
And what did he say? “It’s thin at the top”
With bald candour –my cold comfort!

But the lock that falls on this forehead mine
It has been there since my early teens
Still in place, it refuses to go
And follow its neighbour up above
Who faded into oblivion

From tomorrow to the day after- and after
I must walk- busy, breezy or wheezy
Milestones to cross, a millstone never be
I shall walk and walk, and walk my way
Till I stumble, or fumble- and fall silent

Tomorrow is just another day


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