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Useful And Fantastic: Matriotism - Love Of All My Countries

Val Yule's poem reminds us that the whole Earth is our "country''.

This is the land I was born in, grey-leafed and grand,
These are my sunny skies over the red sand,
and the canyons dropping down from the strewn plain.
I love this land where the dust swirls in the rain.

This is the land that I lived in, hills with green leas,
among islands interlaced with the deep seas,
I would live and die for my country of summer trees.

This is the land I have come from, with spice in the street,
and singing with drums where the rivers meet,
my pulse beats with them, and the rhythms sway
to a northern marsh where only the reed pipes play.

These are the great cities that gave the earth light,
These are the lands that are my birth-right,
This is my earth, and yours, it is rich it is dear.

What bomb may yet fall on you, the spreading death I fear.


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