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Useful And Fantastic: Postcessional

Val Yule pleads that we should not forget our past military wrongs.

God of our fathers in the past
Lord of their far-flung battle-line
Beneath whose awful hand we lost
Dominion over palm and pine -
Those warnings that we heeded not,
Have we forgot, have we forgot?

Far-called our bombers melt away,
On towns and jungles falls the fire,
Lo, all our wealth of yesterday
Is burnt with Troy and sunk at Tyre.
Lord God of ghosts that squander yet,
God of the lost, lest we forget.

For heathen heart that puts her trust
In missile tube and atom shard,
All craven dust that poisons dust
And guarding ruins what they guard,
For murdering boast and deadly word,
Not mercy as we give mercy, Lord.

Earth cannot pay our awful price,
Captains and commissars depart,
Alone a long-past sacrifice
calls still for our contrite heart.
Lord God of hosts, remind us yet,
God of the lost, lest we forget.


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