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A Fistful Of Stars: The Lonely Howl Of A Forlorn Wolf

In Hariharan Balakrishnan's magical poem a wolf's compassionate tears restore the silence of the night.

The lonely howl of a forlorn wolf
Plaintive cry of a forsaken child
Silence in the darkest night
Shattered by a cry, torn by fright
Street lights off, the sentry in slumber
No moon to light the night
A lonely cry in wilderness
Bark of a dog woken from slumber
Without reason, without cause
A disturbed dog awoke to bark
For others to give him company
The night is long, the darkness stark
The forlorn wolf heard the child
It stopped its howl and tucked its tail
It did not know how it could help
And shed its tears on the child
Silence broken? Not at all
Silence reigns again supreme
Silence golden- silence shines
Like a lonely star divine
The child stopped crying
The wolf stopped howling
The dog stopped barking
Silence in the Silent Night


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