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Useful And Fantastic: A Surprise Romantic Cottage Garden - 1

Val Yule begins a series of articles on the delights of her cottage garden, and the creative imagination that has gone into the making of it.

During World War 2, at ten years old, the author went Digging up for Victory everything she could.including the driveway.

Later, in Scotland, she grew snowmen. Shake off the snow, and pick the snap-frozen broccoli and roses underneath. Home in Australia her father grew a model railway in their small backyard. but now we have a romantic wild cottage garden.

My romantic wild cottage garden has a miniature landscape frontage, serendipity nature strip, experimental back yard and over two hundred varieties of plants and fungi. To me it means freedom, adventure, refuge, closeness to the untameable Wild, the tragedies, comedies and heroism of the wildlife creatures, free exercise, fresh food, lazy hours in sunshine, the joy of washing waving from the Hills Hoist, the fun of water-saving experiments, self-sown surprises, baked potatoes in the garden stove, flowers to give away, the drama of struggles with Evil Weeds that seek world-domination, and the pleasure of passers by at something lovely to enjoy, at all seasons.


To be continues.


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