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Through Lattice Windows: My First Knitting Project Is Complete!

Leanne Hunt turns a mistake into a fabulous sweater.

Recently, I announced in this column that I had been seduced by the idea of knitting a cosy sweater for myself for winter and that I had started work on a soft, camel-coloured jersey with a gold thread. Well, that project is now complete, and I am happy to say, it looks fabulous!

Never mind that I made a couple of glaring mistakes along the way. Half-way up the back, I mistakenly changed from knitting in stocking-stitch to knitting well, in the reverse of stocking-stitch! I basically got my knit and purl mixed up and was almost finished the one side when I realised what I had done. Too bad, I thought. The effect wasn't ugly, just unusual. And wasn't unusual the essential element of good design? I had inadvertently introduced a design element into my handiwork which I could mirror on the front and sleeves, and so create the impression that the whole thing was planned. Indeed, once finished, it looked planned. It really did enhance the snuggly appearance of the top of the sweater when sewn up with the bumpy side on the outside.

I managed to knit up the four basic pieces within the space of a month, assisted as I was by the company of several ebooks. Most notable of these was Margaret Drabble's "The Seven Sisters", about a woman in her late fifties who was struggling to come to terms with ageing. I smiled at the similarity of our circumstances. And I smiled even more when she compared her fascination with knitting to well, I won't say what she compared it to. You'll have to read the book to find out!

Fortunately, I have someone who can join up the pieces of knitted fabric and pick up the stitches around the neck for me. She is my driver-cum-housekeeper, and her talents are extensive. We have worked on patchwork blankets for charity together and are currently working on patchwork picnic blankets to sell at a Christmas sale. The fact that we are now into sweaters makes me think we could open up a home industry if we were so inclined, but I have to keep on writing. My book is about to be launched on amazon and the next one is already a completed first draft.

So much to do and so much enthusiasm for the tasks! Sometimes, I wish my physical strength was up to doing more as I frequently get headaches from concentrating so hard on my written work. That is when knitting comes in especially useful. I take to my armchair with a cup of tea and my Kindle, and there I unwind, even as I stitch my way to winter warmth!


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