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A Fistful Of Stars: Singular

Hariharan Balakrishnan's poem announces that the silent man has silence for company. But there's a great deal of thought in that silent man's head.

The silent man came in to this world
With a lusty cry, a wail for Peace
He shouted screamed and swam about
He saw, he heard, he smelt and stood

The silent man grew up and watched
The world around him grow down in size
His loudest wail of no avail
He chose to grow up, and not go down

The silent man too had his moments
Of standing- and of understanding
People who had something to say
With mere presence, now no more

The silent man has chosen silence
He has his silence for company
He has no use for falsehood, fools
Happy in his path of silence

The silent man too tries to teach
The world that is within his reach
He came in shouting, wailing, crying
He wants to go out smiling laughing

The silent man sees, learns and thinks
He has something to teach in turn
But chooses to keep his thoughts within
Like a volcano that never spewed


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All profits from the book will be donated to the cause of educating and improving the welfare of children.


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