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U3A Writing: A Political Fantasy

John Leary describes a scene we'd all like to see.

Julia called Tony a rabbit
Tony called Julia a fool
The speaker called “Order. Please stop that.
You both sound like children in school”

But his words had little persuasion
The invective continued apace
So he buttoned his robe in frustration
and stylishly stormed from the place.

At the doorway he stopped, distracted
A fire-hose caught his eye
He snatched it from its bracket
Turned the tap, cried hooray, and let fly.

Months and months of frustration
Now taught him what to do
He gave the place a good soaking
Back bench and front benchers too.

Kevin Rudd got an absolute bucketing
Wayne Swan resembled a duck
Peter Garrett kept ducking for cover
But couldn’t avoid being struck.

Julie Bishop’s smart outfit was ruined
Bronwyn Bishop’s hair was a mess
And the lovely Ms Gillard looked fetching
In a suddenly see-through dress.

The speaker’s fun continued
Till security turned off the water
He was heard to say as they led him away
“If that doesn’t teach them, it orta.”

He called an immediate press conference
Said “I shall not return for a week.
Perhaps they’ll learn good behaviour
Decorum - that’s what I seek.”

And so, for one week, we’d no government.
Need I say it – we did very well
No new laws or taxes, no orders, no lies,
So the pollies can all go to hell!


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