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Feather's Miscellany: A Wedding Blessing In Yorkshire Dialect

John Waddington-Feather, in his native Yorkshire dialect, brings a blessing to the happy couple.

A Wedding Blessing In Yorkshire Dialect.

Soa, nah tha’rt wed an’ made thi marriage vows,
an’ ta’en each other better or for war,
we’ll wish thee ivvery happiness an’ joy
wherivver fortun taks thee, near or far.

Tha’rt sure to hev thi reg’lar ups-an’-dahns,
to fratch a bit an’ sometimes shed a tear,
but nah tha’rt wed tha’ll hev to mak it up
an’ ho’d each other closer an’ more dear.

Tha’ll hev a deal o’ happy times an’ all,
but larn to share ‘em wi’ each other, too;
for sharing is what wedding’s all abaht,
tha’rt joined as one i’ wedlock nah, net two.

Soa, ‘ere’s a blessing on thi booath today,
a blessing on thi hooam an’on thi kin;
may God be wi’ thee all thi wedded life,
enrich thee by His grace an’ love. Amen.

John Waddington-Feather ©

ta’en = taken
ho’d = hold
Fratch = argue


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