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U3A Writing: Destination Paris

Ray Harman takes us on the holiday bus to Paris.

Summer Hols. are here once more,
Taxis waiting at the door
A hurried breakfast tea and toast
In time to catch our waiting coach.
So cases packed and all aboard
We make it to the Dover Shore
Our driver says his name is “Ron”
“And don`t forget the deck we`re on”
So up the stairs we oldies creep
To grab the treasured window seats.
But no the French have won the day
I wished I`d joined our `Group Francais`
But later on French land I see
Now what was that deck, what could it be?
The coach drives off with its full load
“We`re on the wrong side of the road”
The driver hears but not a sound
Ron is surely `Paris Bound`
With sign posts showing 10 mls more
My derriere is somewhat sore
“Look there I see the `Tour Eiffel`
Ron has seen it just as well.
Facts pour forth of width and height
My Wife is snoring with delight
I shake her with a word of cheer
“Our hotel now is very near”
Then thirty travellers` bags and all
Claim a lift that`s meant for four.
But pause a moment don`t despair
There`s only just five flights of stairs
So after all's been said and done
Tomorrow Paris here we come!


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