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U3A Writing: Jubilee

Gillian Laurence writes of an earlier Royal Jubilee.

They said there would be apathy,
That very few would care.
How they misjudged the people
Who came from everywhere.

The nation loves a party.
What better could there be
Than the pageantry and colour
Of a Golden Jubilee?

My daughter’s friend played in the Prom
Within the palace grounds.
It will be her proudest memory,
Twelve thousand sitting round.

And Land of Hope and Glory,
As I watched in on TV,
I sang as loud as anyone
And wished that I could be

Among the million people,
Their voices raised in song,
Ignoring the discomfort
To be part of that throng

Who watched the greatest spectacle
That London’s ever seen,
Who waved their flags and shouted cheers
In homage to their Queen.

So thank you to Your Majesty
And sorry, Tony Blair.
You really got it wrong again.
We’ve shown you that we care.

Bedford U3A


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