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A Writer On Writing: Unbound Live!

Sally Jenkins spotlights a new way of getting books published.

Hereís a new way of getting your book published. Pitch your idea to a group of readers and ask them to stump up the cash to get it into print. The Unbound website goes into more detail saying:
ďIf you back a project before it reaches its funding target, you get your name printed in the back of every copy and immediate behind-the-scenes access to the authorís shed. If any project fails to hit its funding target, you get refunded in full.Ē

The Ďauthorís shedí includes access to interviews, draft chapters and progress reports on the book, amongst other things.

Readers can pledge differing amounts from £10 to £250 and earn similarly varying rewards from an e-book edition of the book to lunch with the author, invites to the launch party and goodie bags. Details are here. http://www.unbound.co.uk/levels

The website has details of the authors and books currently looking for publication funding. http://www.unbound.co.uk/books

But the pitching is not all virtual. Unbound Live! events allow the authors to stand up and pitch directly to an audience (I canít imagine anything more nerve-wracking than trying to explain my idea for a book to a room full of people!).

Birmingham is to host the first library Unbound Live! event. Itís tomorrow at 7pm at the Library Theatre. Iím disappointed that I canít make it but for anybody that can, the details are here. http://readinggroups.org/news/unbound-live-at-birmingham-library-theatre.html

(And thanks to Frances for alerting me to this event).
Publishing is a gamble so it makes sense to ensure that there is an audience willing to pay for your work in advance.
What do you think? Could you be tempted to fund a book in this way? Would you like to pitch in this way?


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