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A Fistful Of Stars: War or Peace? - Dussera 2002

Dussera is the festival in India signifying triumph of good over evil. On the day that Hariharan Balakrishnan wrote this poem in 2002 India and Pakistan were on the brink of war.

Fire on the ground
Fireworks in the sky
Setting ablaze the moonless night
With orange green and crimson red
In endless bursts of zest, desire

Fire in the belly
Fire in the loin
Fire in the eyes
Fire in the tongue
The entire world
Is on fire today
After lightning thunder
Heat and dust

Today, this day of a demon's death
Mother ended Evil's rampage
Ravan's head was torn asunder
By Ayodhya Rama the righteous King

On this day and in this place
When fire is raging on this earth
In Mother's children's tiny tummies
As orange green and crimson hunger
Where are firemen to fight that fight?
For good old Peace, that colour White?


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