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Feather's Miscellany: Emmaus Road

John Waddington-Feather's poem brings the ultimate message of hope.

With heavy hearts they trod the Emmaus road,
Cleopas and friend, distraught at all they’d seen.
Dashed were all their hopes that Christ
had raised, their vision of a brave new world;
their only aim to leave Jerusalem now
and all the horror there.

Then it happened; Christ himself drew near
and walked unrecognised alongside,
asking what had happened to drive them
from Jerusalem and abandon their ideals.
Surprised the stranger did not know, they told
of their ordeal: Christ’s death upon the cross,
and with his death redemption of the world;
even his body had been stolen from the
from the tomb and taken they knew not where.

Then Jesus explained all that had been written
of him in the scriptures and why he had to die.
He started walking on beyond the village,
but they persuaded him to dine with them
that night; and as he took the bread
and blessed it, their eyes were opened –
they knew he was the Lord!

And that instant he vanished.
Yet their eyes were opened.
They knew they’d seen the risen Christ, and returned
again to join the others in the city,
to tell them what they’d seen.

We, too, walk our Emmaus road through life,
not knowing he’s beside us till he shows himself.
We, too, struggle with our belief blinded by the world,
until he lets us know he’s there,
walking, walking next to us through all
the ups and downs of life,
opening our eyes to truth
right to our journey’s end.

John Waddington-Feather ©


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