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A Fistful Of Stars: Alone In A Crowd

"I am at peace, alone,'' writes poet Hariharan Balakrishnan, sharing deep feelings.

A quiet stillness engulfs me
When I am all alone
Yes, it is with me
Even in a crowd
Alone with thoughts
Forgotten by all

I am at peace, alone
In silent solitude
Peace and stillness eluded me
For months and more of time
I was never left alone

Always shaken by some sound
Sound of voices, TV soap
Voice of mindless unreason
Noise of empty vainglory
Numbing my sensitive mind
I simply want to be alone

All to myself-without bonds
With neither sound nor light reflected
From another planet, or another shore
I want to be my very own self
Nurturing my lonely soul
Not to be blinded, not to be blown

My peace is in my solitude


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