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Open Features: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Mirror, mirroron the wall
Who is the most beatiful of all?

Kul Bhushan writes "The problem today is that nine out of ten times you want the mirror to respond 'You. Yes, you'.''

This is because you are so full of yourself, your ego and your qualities that you cannot imagine anyone else could be better.

The mirror merely reflects exactly what you are: beautiful or ugly, healthy or sick, happy or sad. If you are beautiful, it does not plead with you to remain in front of it and if you are ugly, it does not force you to leave, the mirror is empty.

This emptiness makes us uncomfortable. An empty mind is the devil's workshop. Not at all, says Osho. In fact, an empts mind is God's temple, he declares. In this emptiness, the divine can descend.

So the question arises: how can I empty my mind? Meditation, thoughtless awareness. Meditation makes you a hollow bamboo an apt description of your body and mind which is open to divinity.
Osho s.ns When the poet creates he i- imly a medium, a hollow bamboo, an apt description of your body and mind which is open to divinity.

Osho says "When the poet creates he is only a medium, a hollow bamboo on the lips of God. And suddenly the hollow bamboo is no longer a hollow bamboo -- it becomes a flute." Lord Kirshna's flute. Let the divine play its song on your flute. A hollow bamboo is not enough. Put your mind, your eg aside and let God take over. Then you have no need to ask the mirror anything.


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