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A Fistful Of Stars: Tree Of Life

Hariharan Balakrishnan's profound poem concerns flight from that which is good and life-giving.

Deep down in the dark woods
In the womb of Time Eternal
There was this Tree of Life
Luscious green, in resplendent sheen

Around this tree were many more trees
But none could match her- not in stature
Tall and straight in glorious splendour
Her bounty fed all who came to her

The light within this wood of wonder
Was gentle mild - with many a hue
The earth was warm and wet with dew
The air was filled with heavenly smells

Up in the sky the hot sun shone
Her branches mellowed its furry heat
To filtered light, a gentle warmth
To save those lives under her wings

Among the branches of this splendrous tree
Lived a bird with little wings
Hatched and fed for just one day
Waiting for that morsel next

It waited for the motherly beak
It did not come to give its feed
It squawked and cried but only in vain
Till her little throat fell silent

And then there came those drops of nectar
From a fruit that ripened just for her
And burst to give out drops of life
To that hatchling- Tomorrow's Life

Having had its fill of nectar
The wilted bird swapped its wings
Again and again it drank from the fruit
Of life eternal from the Tree of Life

One day the wings would just not rest
Until the bird had found her way
Out - away, soaring in the sky
To look for knowledge afar - unknown

For days and days the bird would wander
To see and learn some more of Life
Away, afar in distant lands
Will it one day come back to the Tree of Life?


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