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Useful And Fantastic: Gullible's Travels

Australian Val Yule brings a cautionary tale which applies to every nation.

In 2012 poor old Gullible the traveller travelled to a country with the following manifestly ridiculous religious beliefs:

1.Thou shalt export overseas as much as possible of what you produce, especially from non-renewable natural resources.

2. Thou shalt pay unemployed people as long as they do nothing.

3. Thou shalt encourage Australians to throw their money away and banks shall prevent them saving so that the country will import foreign money for investment.

4. Thou shalt have garment fashions that make people look as ugly and uncomfortable as possible.

5. Thou shalt encourage anger and violence as a way of stopping violence.

6. Thou shalt continue to build houses that enforce a wasteful way of living.

7. Thou shalt love to live in the bush with all its lovely wild-life and bring your cats and dogs too.

8. Thou shalt sell off the land, the water, the power, the energy, and in due course the air, to private enterprise, in order to raise their prices to the ordinary people.

9. Thou shalt not protect children; they must be brought up tough.

10. Thou shalt divide the people into the exploiters and the exploited, and the exploited shall live in insecurity, with no permanent employment, unpredictable shifts, no penalty rates for nightwork, no holidays shared with families, and if possible no minimum wage.

11. (Eleven commandments, in order to be one-up.) Thou shalt seek to know what is to come by all superstitious means, and not seek to know what is right, by any means.


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