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A Writer On Writing: Is Your Life Story Worth £10,000?

Woman and Home magazine are running a ‘Life Story’ writing competition. They say:

“If your life has ever felt like it could be a novel, then we want to hear from you….perhaps you grew up in unusual circumstances…or maybe your job threw you into extraordinary situations…this is your chance to share your personal journey.”

First prize is an advance of £10,000 and publication by Hodder and Stoughton. There are also 3 Kindles and an introduction to a literary agent for the runners-up.

Send a full synopsis of your life story in a maximum of 1,500 words plus 2 sample chapters of 10,000 words maximum.

Your entry must be accompanied by an entry form, which is available in the October issue of the magazine (in the shops now!). I can’t find the entry form or details of the competition on-line, so you’re going to have to buy Woman and Home in order to enter. There’s also some tips in there about how to go about writing your memoirs.

Closing date is 31st October 2012.



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