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Here Comes Treble: Our Children

"When a young couple, who seem very much in love, part ways, their grief is often felt equally by their families and friends,'' writes Isabel Bradley.

Parents and Children

As children
we knew our parents were all-knowing,
We knew they were invincible.
We knew they would protect us from all harm.
There was certainty, safety,
With our parents.

As parents,
we would like to be all-knowing,
We would give all we had to be invincible.
We would do all in our power
to protect our children from harm.
And yet, there is no certainty,
no safety about being parents.

As parents,
Sometimes all we can do,
Is stand by and watch
And grieve
As our children
Are whirled through their own hard times,
Swept away by grief and anger,
Loneliness, loss and despair.

We know what it’s like –
Don’t we just –
We’ve been there ourselves;
And yet, we can’t suffer for them,
We can’t take their pain,
We can’t say,
“I’ve already been through this –
Spare my child,

Every child of every parent
Has to suffer their own
Their own pain,
And ultimately,
Earn and yearn
And learn
Their own joy.

The only thing that families and friends can do is give support, love and understanding.


Until next time…. ‘here comes Treble!’
© Copyright Reserved
24 September 2012 by Isabel Bradley


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