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Open Features: A Love That Is Lost

Sonia Noble writes of lost love.

I saw, was drawn and bonded as one
A dream having found the missed piece
Unreal, etherial and after so long
Together we found it and sighed

Joyful and happy, In tandem we moved
A high soaring joy yearned so long
Bonded as one stepped together alone
Natural and flowing but oh how not long

Seven years we had until time was called
Years older and younger made aware
The difference stood proud, no laughing no more
Confidence had grown his dormant sown

Grief and what now, torn division inside
Loving a part not the whole canít be done
The whole you canít tame or change his young days
Bad decisions caused strife but for one

Not for him, who had done all he can
From the tools he was given and honed
To pacify was all he knew how
But canít hide the whole and deny

How cruel life is to give tactile and need
But hold back the rest of the man
To take away true and substitute fake
And bind with a love that is lost


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