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A Fistful Of Stars: A Stranger

"Why am I ever a strangter?'' muses poet Hariharan Balakrishnan.

Why do I feel this loneliness
Living a life like anyone else?
Why do I have no solitude
A peaceful time in a humdrum life
Cut off from all in heart and mind
Keeping only my soul alive
And yes, this body mundane too?
Why do I feel so lonely at times
When I am with all who talk and smile?
Those who laugh and talk- and talk
Exchange glances, wink and pout
Between themselves, among others?
Is it because I do not belong?
Or they who don't belong to me?
Then why am I here- a perfect stranger?
Why do I live this lonely life?
Why am I ever a stranger?


H. Balakrishnan
283 Shaheed Nagar
Bhubaneswar 751007
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